Our Library Collection

In keeping with our goal to provide support and education to all mothers and expectant mothers, we provide access to our group library. Any mother or mother-to-be is both welcome and encouraged to check-out The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding Pure and Simple. Members are welcome to check out any of the books listed below:

Author Name: Title, Year (Topic)

Amer Assoc Pediatrics: Pediatric Basic Life Support, 1997 (Child Heath Care)

Arms, Suzanne: Immaculate Deception II, 1994 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Balch, James & Phyllis: Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 1997 (Health Care)

Barnes, Bridget: Common Sense Parenting of Toddlers and Preschoolers, 2001 (Child Rearing)

Behan, Eileen: Eat Well, Lose Weight while Breastfeeding, 1992 (Breastfeeding)

Bengson, Diane: How Weaning Happens, 1999 (Breastfeeding)

Bumgainey, Norma Jean: Mothering your Nursing Toddler, 2000 (Breastfeeding)

Burton, Linda: What's A Smart Woman Like you doing at Home, 1992 (Family/Career)

Cardozo, Aelene Rossen: Sequencing 1986 (Family/Career)

Cohen, Nancy: Silent Knife 1983 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Coloroso, Barbara: Kids are Worth It 1994 (Child Rearing)

Crary, Elizabeth: Love and Limits 1994 (Child Rearing)

Curtis, Glade B. MD: Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week 1989 (Pregnancy)

Eisebberg, Murkoff, Hathaway: What to Eat When You're Expecting 1986 (Pregnancy)

Faber, Adele: How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk 1980 (Child Rearing)

Faber, Adele: Siblings Without Rivalry 1998 (Child Rearing)

Fleiss, Paul: Sweet Dreams (Sleep)

Flower, Hilary: Adventures in Tandem Nursing 2003 (Breastfeeding)

Flower, Hilary: Adventures in Gentle Discipline 2005 (Child Rearing)

Gaskin, Ina May: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth 2003 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Goer, Henci: Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities 1995 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Goer, Henci: The Thinking Women's Guide to a Better Birth 1999 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Gonzalez, Carlos: My Child Won't Eat 2005 (Nutrition)

Good, Julia Darnell: A Special Kind of Parenting 1985 (Special Needs)

Gordon, Jay: Good Nights 2002 (Sleep)

Gotsch, Gwen: Amamantar Sencillo y Puro (Breastfeeding Pure and Simple)
1995 (Breastfeeding)

Gotsch, Gwen: Breastfeeding Pure and Simple 2000 (Breastfeeding)

Gromada, Karen: Mothering Multiples 1981 (Breastfeeding)

Hanson, Rick: Mother Nurture 2002 (Motherhood)

Harper, Barbara: Gentle Birth Choices 1994 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Hart, Louise: Winning Family: Increasing Self-Esteem in Your Children and Yourself 1987 (Child Rearing)

Huggins, Kathleen: Nursing Mother's Companion 1995 (Breastfeeding)

Huggins, Kathleen: Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning 1994 (Breastfeeding)

Humphrey, Sheila: Nursing Mother's Herbal 2003 (Breastfeeding)

Jackson, Deborah: Three in a Bed 1989 (Sleep)

Johnson, Roberta Bishop: Whole Foods for the Whole Family 1993 (Nutrition)

Jones, Sandy: Crying Baby, Sleepless Nights 1992 (Sleep)

Kippley, Sheila: Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing 1969/1999 (Family/Career)

Klaus, Marshall: Mothering the Mother 1993 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Klaus, Marshall: Your Amazing Newborn 1999 (Newborn Care)

Korte, Diana: A Good Birth, A Safe Birth 1992 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Kurcinka, Mary Sheedy: Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles 2000 (Child Rearing)

Kurcinka, Mary Sheedy: Raising your Spirited Child 1991 (Child Rearing)

Leman, Dr. Kevin: What a Difference a Daddy Makes 2000 (Fatherhood)

LLLI: Learning a Loving Way of Life 1987 (Child Rearing)

LLLI: Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 2004 (Breastfeeding)

Marshall, Connie, RN: From Here to Maternity 1994 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Marston, Stephanie: The Magic of Encoragement 1990 (Child Rearing)

McCartney, Joan: We Should do this More Often 1987 (Child Rearing)

McDonald, Linda: Everything you need to know about Babies 1978 (Newborn Care)

McMahon, Tom: Kid Tips 1993 (Child Rearing)

Moore, Jack: 97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh 1997 (Child Rearing)

Morgan, Stacy Towle: The Cuddlers 1993 (Sleep)

Odent, Michel: Birth Reborn 1984 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Page, Linda Rector, ND: Healthly Healing 1998 (Health Care)

Pantley, Elizabeth: No-Cry Sleep Solution 2002 (Sleep)

Peterson, Debra Stewart: Breastfeeding the Adopted Baby 1994 (Breastfeeding)

Pinczuk, Jane M, Michele: The Nursing Toddler 1998 (Child Rearing)

Placksin, Sally: Mothering the New Mother 1994 (Motherhood)

Pryor, Gale: Nursing Mother, Working Mother 1997 (Family/Career)

Renfrew, Mary: Bestfeeding: Getting Breastfeeding Right for You 1990 (Breastfeeding)

Roberts, Lisa: How to Raise a Family and a Career under one Roof 1997 (Family/Career)

Samalin, Nancy: Loving Each One Best 1996 (Child Rearing)

Samalin, Nancy: Loving Without Spoiling 2003 (Child Rearing)

Sears, Willian & Martha: The Breastfeeding Book 2000 (Breastfeeding)

Sears, William: Discipline Book (The) 1995 (Child Rearing)

Sears, William: Fussy Baby Book (The) 1996 (Child Rearing)

Sears, William: The Sucessful Child (Child Rearing)

Sears, William: Becoming a Father 1986 (Fatherhood)

Sears, Martha: 25 Things Every New Mother Should Know 1995 (Newborn Care)

Sears, William: Baby Book (The) 1993 (Newborn Care)

Sears, William: Growing Together 1987 (Newborn Care)

Sears, William: Baby Wearing (Newborn Care)

Sears, William: Nighttime Parenting 1987 (Sleep)

Shapiro, Lawrence, PhD: A Good Night's Sleep 1999 (Sleep)

Sweet, Win & Ben: Living Joyfully with Children 1997 (Child Rearing)

Tamaro, Janet: So That's What They're For! 1996 (Breastfeeding)

Thevenin, Tine: Mothering and Farthering 1993 (Child Rearing)

Thevenin, Tine: The Family Bed 1987 (Sleep)

Van Esterik, Penny: Beyond the Breast-Bottle Controversy 1989 (Breastfeeding)

Weschiler, Toni: Taking Charge of Your Fertility 1955 (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Wiggins, Pamela K.: Breastfeeding: A Mother's Gift 1996 (Breastfeeding)

Wiggins, Pamela K.: Why Should I Nurse my Baby? 1996 (Breastfeeding)