Help with Latch-on

Here are a number of links to videos that moms may find helpful. If you are experiencing pain at latch-on that doesn't improve  using one of these techniques below, it is important to seek help from a LLL Leader or IBCLC.

Latch videos:

Breastfeeding. Naturally. A video from the New Zealand Ministry of Health that shows a number of new moms using an assymetric approach to latch-on.

Nancy Mohrbacher's "Natural Breastfeeding" page 

A video from Baby friendly UK that shows the asymmetric latch technique.

A video of the "flipple" technique, which is another way to achieve an asymmetric latch.

Another assymetric latch video.

A set of nice videos from Ameda. (Click "play all")

A great description of how to achieve a good latch.

An example of "laid-back breastfeeding," or the Biological Nurturing approach to latch.

Another example, and another, of laid-back breastfeeding.

Hand Expression video:

Stanford Newborn Nursery's excellent video on hand-expression.